El Evento

Impresiones Gigantes es un evento cultural organizando por artistas sin ánimo de lucro, nacido en Granada. Este acto se realiza al aire libre y en él, los artistas utilizan una apisonadora en vez del tradicional tórculo para crear estampaciones a gran escala a partir de unas planchas de linóleo de 200 x 100 cm.

1 thought on “El Evento

  1. Yo Langer, Brain Barry that is!…in case any Spanish langeros get this and are wondering?
    Hows it going thanks for the comment, yah gave that old lino a right good roger’ing.
    So whats the craic your getting a road roller project together there in Granada, nice one!
    Whens that event happening?
    God speed! with the hot bitches on tractors…or steam rollers.

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